Lampix Apps API
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MovementBasedSegmenter uses a convolutional neural network to classify objects. MovementBasedSegmenter can detect (i.e locate and classify) multiple objects at a time in the specified watcher shape.
Example usage:
import lampix from '@lampix/core';
const watcher = {
name: 'MovementBasedSegmenter',
shape: {
type: 'rectangle',
data: {
posX: 0,
posY: 0,
width: window.innerWidth,
height: window.innerHeight
params: {
neural_network_name: 'fruits',
filter_circle: { min_radius: 50, max_radius: 150, min_area_ratio: 0.7 },
filter_area: { min_ratio: 3000, max_ratio: 70000 },
filter_thresh: 55
// Remember: .watchers.add always returns an array of registered watchers
// of the same length as the number of arguments passed to it
.then((listOfWatchers) => console.log(listOfWatchers[0]));
See standard watchers for more information MBS.