Up and Running

This guide is a short introduction into running an application inside the simulator. For a more detailed overview on how to create an application for Lampix, see the step by step application guide.



Linux only

  • chmod +x <path-to-AppImage>

  • Run

Using the sample app

git clone https://github.com/lampix-org/minimal-sample.git
cd minimal-sample
npm install
npm start

This will start a development server at http://localhost:8080, provided that port is free to use. Otherwise, check the terminal output to find out the URL to go to.

Loading it inside the simulator

  • Start the simulator

  • Enter the URL in the address bar at the top of the simulator

  • Press Enter or the Load button

If the URL is valid, a new window with the simulated app will open.

Selecting watchers and the recognized class

The sample app uses finger detection, which corresponds to NeuralNetworkClassifier as the watcher name, with 0 as no finger detected and 1 as finger detected.


  • in the main window (the one used to load apps), open the expansion panel in the middle that says Simulator <your-url>

  • select NeuralNetworkClassifier as the watcher name

  • select 1 as the recognized class

  • in the simulated app window, click the "Increase Count" button

Note that you will only be able to use 1 once until you use 0 to deactivate the button.

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