Any modern JavaScript boilerplate (aka "template", "starter", "seed") is fine, and one can develop Lampix applications without any boilerplate. The following are all equally fine:

Depending on your application's needs, your choice of boilerplate may differ. The one thing to keep in mind is what the production application structure should look like when deploying the application.

We provide a boilerplate of our own that is meant to facilitate development, but does not assume anything other than your application's source code entry points (index.html and index.js). It is not as mature as the above, but for your consideration, this is why we use it:

  • simple to understand and extend

  • minimal infrastructure only - no non-vanilla technology is assumed

  • HMR

  • build step includes archive creation for, along with versioned build folders (based on package.json version)

  • build scripts to automatically increase patch, minor or major versions before building, alongside the "just build" script

  • respects the requirements of the production application structure

The boilerplate can be found on our GitHub.

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