Convert coordinates from a rectangle descriptor using camera coordinates to projector coordinates (or vice versa).


(Promise<RectCoords[]>): A promise that fulfills with a list of rectangle descriptors with converted coordinates.


import lampix from '@lampix/core';

  posX: 100,
  posY: 200,
  width: 30,
  height: 100,
  camera: true
}).then((transformCoordinates) => {
  console.log(transformCoordinates[0]); // fictitious values: { posX: 200, posY: 400, width: 60, height: 200 }


It's important to understand the difference between Lampix and the simulator when using this function:

  • Lampix will return real coordinates as seen in either the camera or the projector.

  • The simulator will return values that depend on the scaleFactor property in its config, which defaults to 1, meaning it will return the same values if the scaleFactor was not changed.

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