Lampix Apps API
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Pauses all the currently registered watchers. NOTE: If a watcher is currently pending registration with Lampix, it will NOT be paused, as this methods concerns all of the watchers that have been registered successfully.


(Promise<void>): A promise that fulfills when all of the registered watchers have been paused. If a registered watcher is already paused, it will simply resolve automatically, bypassing Lampix.


import lampix from '@lampix/core';
const state = {
registeredWatchers: []
const draw = (recognizedObjects) => {
// Drawing amazing effects
const watcher1 = {
name: 'DepthClassifier',
shape: lampix.helpers.rectangle(0, 0, window.innerWidth / 2, window.innerHeight),
onClassification: draw
const watcher2 = {
name: 'DepthClassifier',
shape: lampix.helpers.rectangle(window.innerWidth / 2, 0, window.innerWidth / 2, window.innerHeight),
onClassification: draw
lampix.watchers.add(watcher1, watcher2)
.then((registeredWatchers) => {
state.registeredWatchers = registeredWatchers;
// Remove them right away!
// The removal expression below is equivalent to
return lampix.watchers.pauseAll();
.then(() => {
// watcher1 and watcher2 are now paused
console.log(registeredWatchers[0]; // false
console.log(registeredWatchers[1]; // false


You can pause a single registered watcher by using its .pause() method as well.