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Change from one application to another.


  1. appName (string): Application name equivalent to the value specified in the application's package.json file.

  2. queryParameters (Object, Optional): Plain object with keys used query parameters with their respective values. Note that keys will be converted from camelCase to kebab-case.


(Promise<void>): A promise that fulfills without arguments.


import lampix from '@lampix/core';
// or
lampix.switchToApp('trivia', {
switchBackTo: 'survey',
specialInformation: 42
// Query parameters can be easily accessed as follows:
// (also note the camelCase to kebab-case transformation)
// const queryParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);
// queryParams.get('switch-back-to'); // survey
// queryParams.get('special-information') // '42'


switchBackTo is a special query parameter used in the exit() method to determine whether to switch to the default app (currently app-switcher) or the app specified as the value for this parameter.